The Welsh Rugby Charitable Trust has been a big part of my life since my rugby injury in 1984. The Trust was formed to ensure the lives of players, severely injured through rugby, are made better. Their unstinting dedication to the welfare of each and every injured player is very reassuring; it’s almost like having a kindly big brother watching over you. The Trustees are always very approachable and willing to listen to any problem I may have. I know I can approach them not just for financial matters but any help or advice I need on life in general.

They are constantly canvassing the views of the injured players themselves, all with a view to improving the way they run the Trust. As they are constantly reminding us “They exist for us and our wellbeing” and they are very true to their word.
They make sure that we know we are not alone with our disability and ensure that all players get together at social functions etc whenever possible.

Thanks to the Trust I have the equipment I need to make my life in a wheelchair liveable. Personally, without the Trust in my life I would not have been able to do half the things I have been able to do including travelling the world and enjoying playing sport at International level. Over the years I have come to see them not as Trustees of a Charity but firm friends, reliable, there to lend an ear and always willing to give advice and help where necessary and when needed. « back