Trustees are elected to serve for periods of four years, on the expiry of which they are eligible to seek re-election. The President of the Welsh Rugby Union serves as an ex officio trustee during the period of his office. Trustees are invariably people who have a love of the sport of rugby football and who have an abiding and compassionate interest in the welfare of those people who have been seriously injured whilst playing the sport.

Trustees in 2015-16:

  • Mr Dennis Gethin (Chairman)
  • Mr Tony Gray
  • Ms Carolyn Hitt
  • Dr Gwyn Jones
  • Mr Alan Meredith
  • Dr Arun Midha (Hon. Secretary)
  • Mr Rupert Moon
  • Mr Brian Rees
  • Mr Alun Thomas (Hon. Treasurer)
  • Dr Chris Williams
  • Mr Gareth Williams